The capacity to care is what gives life its most deepest significance.
— Pablo Casals

First and Foremost, congratulations!

 I want to applaud you for getting to this point in your career as a therapist.  Becoming an LGPC took hard work, dedication, and perseverance.  Even if you have been working as an LG for a while, I want you to know that your efforts are not being overlooked.  Second, thank you for considering me as a potential supervisor.  It is my hope that we will work together and form a long-lasting professional relationship.

Now onto what you're here for - clinical supervision.  This is an important part of your life as a therapist and should not be taken lightly.  Don't just look at clinical supervision as a final task to becoming fully licensed, but as a potential career-long connection.  When looking for a Clinical Supervisor (like myself), you want to make sure the following fits your need:

Experience - consider the skills you are hoping to learn, refine, or master.  Is there a specific population you are hoping to access?  Also, how much experience do you need your supervisor to have?  Finally what types of certifications or specialization are you expecting your potential supervisor to have; is it a deal breaker if none are present?

Personality & Temperament -  think about the characteristics and qualities that are needed to foster your growth as a professional.  Is there a personality type that you know does not mesh well with your own?  Do you need someone easy going, or someone who is more 'Type A'?  Lastly consider your potential supervisor's "buttons" - how easy are they pushed and what are the consequences of pushing them.

Supervision Style -  this is theory behind and delivery of how your potential supervisor will interact with you; how will you spend your supervision time.  Do you want someone who is focused on skill building or how you are developing as a therapist.  Or someone who is focused on training you in a specific type of therapeutic model?  Maybe you need a blend of all styles.  Knowing what you need to grow is important.  You knowing how to advocate for yourself will be a great way to model for your clients.

Still interested?!  Great!  Let's meet.  While I could list out my professional experiences, I would prefer to meet with you in person.  This way we both are able to assess if we are a good professional fit for each other.  Click here to schedule a time so we can discuss, in-person, how supervision at NyLu Therapeutic Solutions may fit you.