NyLu Therapeutic Solutions (NyLu), formally established in 2016, is two names put together; two names that represent courage, humility, vulnerability, and healing. Nyah (the name of the founder's dog who passed away in 2009 after becoming very sick) and Lucy (the name of the founder's grandmother who passed away in 2014). NyLu represents the strength we thought we lost or never had.  NyLu is about facing your challenges  - and overcoming them.

Armed with a vision to be relevant resource to the community, NyLu was created so that those in need have a place they can go to be heard, to be helped, and to find their success.

NyLu contracts, and employs area clinicians that are well versed in trauma, grief, mindfulness, mood fluctuations, anxiety, impulse control, anger, attachment issues, couples, family, and more.  Bringing you high quality, best practices, in order to meet you where you are, and journey with you to your best, most authentic self.


NyLu’s mission is to ‘Get to the ROOT of IT’!  This means that whatever 'IT' is that is holding you or your mind hostage will be uprooted so that the pattern of your old life is broken and a new (healthier) pattern begins.  This is done by providing innovative, individualized services in order to equip, empower, and foster growth; to impact and transform your life as you transition from where you are now to a greater you.  NyLu Therapeutic Solutions is committed to ensuring that all consumers (that’s you!) are able to discover, establish, and utilize realistic strategies for your life’s journey – in a culturally empathetic environment.

Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or stay afraid of taking them.
— Jim Carrey

Getting to the root of it by...

Equipping, Empowering, & Fostering Growth

  • You will be guided in digging up that which does not belong in order to uncover those dormant seeds buried deep within

To foster is simply to encourage, develop, or promote; growth is the process by which something increases in size.

  • NyLu is about creating a safe environment to help you become; to guide you through a process

By definition, to equip is to:  a) supply with the necessary items for a particular purpose, or b) prepare someone mentally for a particular situation or task.

  • You can expect to receive, or to have sharpened, tools that move you forward towards your goals 

When one is empowered, they are given the authority to do something, i.e., are made stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and/or claiming their rights.